Chrysostomi, Joannis (Chrysostom, John),Sancti Joannis Chrysostomi, archiepiscopi Constantinopolitani, opera omnia : castigata ad manuscriptos codices Gallicos, Vaticanos, Anglicanos, Germanicos, etc. : necnon et ad savilianam et frontonianam editiones, nova interpretatione, ubi opus erat, præfationibus, monitis, notis, variis lectionibus illustrata, nova sancti doctoris vita, appendicibus, locupletata. [St. John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, works, books manuscriptos meted out to the French and Vaticanos, the English, German, etc. They also took the savilianam and frontonianam editions new interpretation, where the work was Introduction and warning signs to various readings illustrate, the new doctor's holy life, appendages enriched] Ancient Greek-Latin parallel text, printed in two columns. Ancient Greek-Latin parallel text. - No Greek church father has left as complete a body of work as Johannes Chrysostom. 17 essays, more than 700 certainly authentic sermons and 4 commentaries on books of the Holy Scriptures and 241 letters have been handed down. The present edition, first published in the years 1718-1738, is the best and authoritative edition of Chrysostom's work, and the result of some twenty years of patient work by Montfaucon and several assistants of the Brotherhood of St. Maur. Montfaucon, who was 83 years old at the time of writing, prepared valuable introductions to each treatise and collection of sermons, arranged the works in chronological order and, in volume 13, wrote dissertations on the life, doctrines, discipline and heresies of the Chrysostom age added. ,1718-1738,Ludovici Guerin, Caroli Robustel, Joannis & Josephi Barbou, Guillelmi Desprez,Parisiis,Period full calf, all edges red, marbled endpapers,Folio (10.5x16.375") Very, very heavy gilt, 6 ribs, 1 dark red and 1 dark brown label ,Theology, Catholic Church History

Sancti Joannis Chrysostomi, archiepiscopi Constantinopolitani, opera omnia

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