Jefferson, Thomas,We The People ,1987,Reeves and Weiss,Paris,Full leath.,Atlas folio (22"x 30") Red leather by Atelier Bernard Duval. Limited edition number102/250, embossed in gold leaf and featuring two gold leaf brass medallions cast by the Fonderie Meunier. This amazing folio was created to honor the Bicentenary of the Constitution, September 17, 1987, and contains reproductions of the most famous documents of early United States history on sheepskin-parchment (vellum) and full rag paper (Grand Vellum de Rives) with Garmont, Times, and Cohin typography that was hand set on an 18th century hand press and a Frenchankenthal Press by Frenchancois Das Ros. Four of the engravings are hand colored and the signed and numbered Lithograph triptych was printed on stone by Atelier Clot Bramsen and Georges. Edition is signed by Reeves, Weiss, and Jenkins.,Americana, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence

We The People

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